Apr 27 2008

Act of Sederunt Concerning the Poor: on this day 1535

Text of the Act of Sederunt, 27 April 1535 (three years after the establishment of the Court of Session), instituting access to justice on the basis of need:

The Lordis ordainis that forsemikle as our Soverane Lord has directe his writingis to thame, makand mentioune, that his mynde is, that pure miserable persounis sall have mair hasty expeditioune of justice nor utheris, because thai have na substance nor expenss to remane and wayte apoune the table: And to that effect hes constitute and ordanit ane man of law to procure for the pure, to be payit yerlie be the Thesaurare; desirand thairfore the Lordis to mak provisoune and ordinance, that the saidis pure folkis mycht have expeditioune of justice; thairefor the Lordis assigns Friday wolklie for calling of all summondis and actionis concerning the pure folkis, quhen oportunite may be had for the Kingis matteris; and als to be sene and confiderit be the Lordis quha are pure folkis be inspectioune, and be the aith of the Procurator, declarand that thai tak na profit for procuratioun for sic pure folkis.


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