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Jun 21 2008

Immigration (Carriers’ Liability) Act 1614: on this day

It is twenty years since the United Kingdom introduced the principle of carriers’ liability for immigration, by which transport operators are penalised if they fail to operate an entirely effective system for policing immigration: see this article for a concise explanation of the legislation in its context. This principle has, however, a far more ancient ancestor in Scots law than is generally known.

On 21st June 1614 the Privy Council passed the following Act: Continue Reading »


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Jun 20 2008

“”; cybersquatting in Edinburgh?

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Cybersquatting, or domain squatting, is “a means of making money by registering and holding, at very low cost, a potentially useful or valuable URL. Nothing is done to develop the URL or to create value, but when a business or entrepreneur comes along who needs the domain name to run their business, the domain-squatter extorts as much money as possible in return for freeing up the URL”1. It was distressing to read that a respectable Edinburgh couple had not only been accused of such a practice but had received a ‘weighty 128-page legal document‘ from the supposed victim when, as appeared from their own account, “we’ve done nothing wrong.”

I hope no reader of mine would imagine Continue Reading »

  1. Quotation taken from this page. [back]

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Jun 20 2008

Scottish advocates websites

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In the last year, the majority of advocates stables have established websites (all linked to from this page). The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland reviewed them in March and April 2008.1 This article notes some statistics as to the comparative popularity of stable websites. Continue Reading »

  1. The second of these articles, rather oddly, begins with the now-dead site of the even odder body named ‘Instruct Counsel Ltd’, which was never a stable website at all. [back]

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Jun 02 2008

Ten Dos and Don’ts of Judicial Review in Scotland

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The Murray Stable launched its Public Law Group at a well-attended meeting on 29 May chaired by Derek O’Carroll. Ailsa Carmichael and I spoke on “Ten Dos and Don’ts of Judicial Review“. The handout Continue Reading »


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Jun 02 2008

The return of the Eurodevils scheme: expected 2009

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From 1975 to 2006, the European Young Lawyers Scheme brought about ten lawyers from all over Europe to Edinburgh for six months. Universally known as the Eurodevils, they were welcomed to the Faculty of Advocates every May to July, and as their devilmaster it was a pleasure to work with Dorthe Pederson (Denmark), Katarína Lenghardtová (Slovakia), Gerda Vastagh (Hungary), Bora Balci (Turkey), Johanna Aho (Finland), Patrick Govaert (Belgium), and Serenella de Lucca (France). Continue Reading »


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