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The return of the Eurodevils scheme: expected 2009

From 1975 to 2006, the European Young Lawyers Scheme [1] brought about ten lawyers from all over Europe to Edinburgh for six months. Universally known as the Eurodevils [2], they were welcomed to the Faculty of Advocates every May to July, and as their devilmaster it was a pleasure to work with Dorthe Pederson (Denmark), Katarína Lenghardtová (Slovakia), Gerda Vastagh (Hungary), Bora Balci (Turkey), Johanna Aho (Finland), Patrick Govaert (Belgium), and Serenella de Lucca (France). Then the scheme folded, thanks to organisational changes in the British Council which had run it.

The European Lawyers Association [3] has now, thanks to the Scottish Government’s [4] Directorate General for Justice and Communities, secured funding for a new scheme. This should be in place for 2009; Edinburgh University is committed to administering the scheme from January 2009, and recruitment of the expected ten participants will be undertaken by the ELA, with assistance from the British Council.

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