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Aug 30 2008

New RSS feeds of recent Scottish decisions

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Regular visitors to the two Scottish Courts pages which list the most recent opinions issued in the Court of Session and High Court and in the sheriff court (although the latter is inexplicably incomplete and selective) may like to know that RSS feeds are now available for both.

Regrettably they have been set up to give case names only; you don’t get the case summaries provided by the excellent Casecheck service, or even an excerpt of the first few lines as I set up on my old (but still available) weekly update1. Unlike Casecheck and the House of Lords, there is no e-mail alternative, which I suspect would suit most lawyers better.

There are also RSS feeds available for new Scottish Statutory instruments (and for SSIs or SIs by subject area; Continue Reading »

  1. And, yes, I know, the headings on the weekly update page haven’t been rewritten for this site yet. [back]

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Aug 19 2008

‘Instruct Us Now Ltd’; Faculty ban on instructions

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The Dean of Faculty has pointed out to all practising advocates that they may not accept instructions as counsel from Instruct Us Now Ltd, a company which claims to ‘organise counsel for Scottish solicitors‘ with ‘fees based around a reasonable hourly rate‘, because the company has never sought or obtained direct access rights. Continue Reading »


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Aug 19 2008

C v C: a precedent for fixed time limits on speeches in the Court of Session

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C v C, 2008 CSIH 34, a recent international child abduction case in which I was senior counsel for the petitioner, is, I understand, the first reclaiming motion in recent years in which the court ordered limits on how long the parties might address the court. The relevant part of the interlocutor of 23 April reads:

‘In respect of the Summar Roll hearing, direct the party reclaimer and first respondent1 to address the court on 13th May 2008 from 10.30 am, or as close as may be, until one pm; allow the other parties2 two hours each thereafter to address the court, with a right of reply if appropriate.’

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  1. The same person. [back]
  2. The petitioner and the curator ad litem to the children. [back]

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Aug 19 2008

Commenting on posts in this blog: policy change

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When I set this blog up, I disabled commenting. I am now changing this to allow moderated comments, so comments won’t be published unless and until I’ve seen them and passed them. Comments require a name and an email address.


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