Aug 30 2008

New RSS feeds of recent Scottish decisions

Regular visitors to the two Scottish Courts pages which list the most recent opinions issued in the Court of Session and High Court and in the sheriff court (although the latter is inexplicably incomplete and selective) may like to know that RSS feeds are now available for both.

Regrettably they have been set up to give case names only; you don’t get the case summaries provided by the excellent Casecheck service, or even an excerpt of the first few lines as I set up on my old (but still available) weekly update1. Unlike Casecheck and the House of Lords, there is no e-mail alternative, which I suspect would suit most lawyers better.

There are also RSS feeds available for new Scottish Statutory instruments (and for SSIs or SIs by subject area; there doesn’t seem to be a list of possible feeds, so go to a recent SSI or SI in the subject area you are interested in and take it fom there); for the Rolls of the Court of Session and High Court; and, of course, many blogs including, from Scots law, Scots Law News; the Lockerbie Case; Criminal Justice in Scotland; Technollama; Divorce Survivor; Freedom of Information; and Absolvitor.

For this site, if the icon in the address bar isn’t good enough, try here…

I can’t however point to a single Scottish stable or law firm which uses one for its news page: why not? If you know any, tell me in a comment.

If you don’t already use an RSS feeder (or don’t know what this means— in which case Justis has a good explanation, and its Weekly Law Reports feed gives one-liners without even a Justis subscription), but you do use a Mac, I recommend NetNewsWire, which is now free. There are alternatives on Windows and other platforms.

  1. And, yes, I know, the headings on the weekly update page haven’t been rewritten for this site yet. [back]

2 comments published

2 comments published to “New RSS feeds of recent Scottish decisions”

  1. Oliver SmithNo Gravataron 31 Aug 2008 at 1:15 pm

    Thank you for this gem of information. It will be a very helpful tool – especially if the flaws you have identified are sorted.

  2. JennieNo Gravataron 01 Sep 2008 at 10:50 am

    Thanks for this, very helpful!