Feb 12 2009

A Mac alternative to CaseMap for a fraction of the price

Yesterday the Faculty of Advocates circulated members to notify them of a discount offer on CaseMap, Windows-only software for analysing and presenting case information. After discount, its suppliers LexisNexis are seeking, for the two year bundle and three year bundle respectively, £1,002.60 or £1,423.98.

Advocates are increasingly using Mac rather than Windows laptops, and this is to point out that there is Mac software with practically all of CaseMap’s functionality (the only significant exception is automated Bates stamping, which few advocates are likely to be doing, and which Acrobat does anyway) at a tiny fraction of the price: $34.95. This is Journler, of which an uncrippled demo copy is available for free download here, and which the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center suggested as a CaseMap alternative last year. One user commentsUsing Journler need not be the ‘overkill’ that some consider CaseMap to be. Because it can be as simple or deep as you need, Journler is a definite leap forward in case analysis as compared to CaseMap..”

A review of Journler is here. Another is here.

An article with suggestions on its use is here. User comments are here.


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One comment published to “A Mac alternative to CaseMap for a fraction of the price”

  1. Tim MurrayNo Gravataron 07 Feb 2010 at 2:42 am

    Much to my disappointment, Journler is no longer under development.