May 13 2009

Scottish Human Rights Law Group formed

The nascent Scottish Human Rights Law Group is intended to bring together Scots lawyers and those working in and around the law in Scotland with an interest in human rights issues. Its website, in the course of development, is ambitiously intended to provide a database of law reports, articles, textbook updates, and other items, categorised by area of law and by Convention article; there will be ‘contributing editors’ for particular sections, each responsible for updating his or her assigned area of the law and in a position to receive comments, submissions, and suggestions for updating from other parties/members of the group. The proposed categorisations, which are flexible, can be seen by browsing its sidebar.

A number of people have already volunteered to act as contributing editors for particular sections, including myself for Freedom of Information and Data Protection, but more are sought.

A meeting of the group has been arranged for Monday 25 May 2009, at 2.30 pm, at the Consultation Centre at 142 High Street (possibly to be shifted to the Mackenzie Building), with the specific agenda of moving its website forward.


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