Dec 17 2009

Review of the year

Not this Calvin

Not this Calvin…

Well, I’m knocking off until the New Year. For those among my loyal readers who can’t keep away from the law over the break, I offer a prize of a bottle of the Faculty of Advocates finest Reading Room Claret to the best set of answers to this quiz on outré legal events of the last 365 days. Competition closes at Hogmanay midnight; answers by way of the comment form below, which is moderated so nothing will be published until next term. As a tie-breaker, points will be given for wit, imagination, and good guesses, so don’t feel you have to pass because you haven’t the faintest idea what the answer is. Multiple attempts are permitted, but may not be counted at my discretion. If you feel you need to know what the other rules are, they’re here, with credit and thanks to those great philosophers Calvin and Hobbes. Or you can ask, though I don’t promise to answer. And the compliments of the season to you.

OK, here you are: twelve questions:-

1. Which published Court of Session opinion was removed from the Scotcourts website at the request of one party because its contents were said to be commercially confidential?

Not one of these puppies

… and not one of these puppies…

2. Which court considered a much-loved puppy driven, allegedly, to murder by a diet of mucky potato crisps?
3. In which Commonwealth jurisdiction was it revealed that the Chief Justice’s wife had sued the Chairman of the Bar for libel?
4. There’s a statutory provision, amended with effect from this week, by which an order of the High Court of England and Wales may be appealed to a Scottish sheriff; what is it?
5. The Court of Appeal of an African country, sitting in England, was persuaded by Scottish counsel that British employment legislation had no application in which jurisdiction?

Not these witches

… and not in Edinburgh

6. In which court, a rather shorter distance from Edinburgh, did a solicitor accidentally shoot the judge with a pistol?
7. What happened to the portrait of Lord Cockburn by John Syme which had hung in Parliament House since 1869?
8. Who claimed it was defamatory to describe Stalin as responsible for the Katyn massacre?
9. In which North American jurisdiction have thirty-eight people been charged with offences relative to witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration in the last decade?
10. Which judge had to adjourn a hearing to ensure that no improper observations escaped his or her lips?
11. In which case did the Advocate General cite Isaac Asimov (possibly wrongly) as an authority on the law relative to data protection?
12. Which court sustained the refusal of a bank to replace a banknote allegedly eaten by the claimant’s cat?


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