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Oct 05 2010

Judicial conduct and complaints

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Last month, the Scottish judiciary launched an excellent new website (even the reliably-bilious Peter Cherbi described it as ‘quite good’!). It has a great deal of material which was previously inaccessible, ranging from all travel and subsistence expenses claimed by individual salaried judicial office holders1 to summaries of significant sentencing statements in the courts; even a Twitter feed, for the benefit of journalists rather than lawyers or the public. An enormous improvement on the tired and convoluted Scottish Courts Service website, the site shows care at every level. One small but politically-significant example is the domain, which as Iain Nisbet has explained is sensibly ‘’ rather than the governmental ‘’: something the UK Supreme Court couldn’t manage in spite of cogent judicial criticism2. Something I particularly liked is the use at many points of FAQs.

The matters I’d like to draw attention to here, however, are these: the publication of the new ‘Statement of Principles of Judicial Ethics for the Scottish Judiciary‘, formerly available only in samizdat form since April, and the implementation of an interim complaints procedure. Continue Reading »

  1. Not yet; apparently to be uploaded from November. [back]
  2. It would be interesting to compare the respective costs of the two sites; I’d suspect the Scottish site was designed at a fraction of the cost of the UK one, or even of its logo. [back]

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