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Feb 01 2010

So last year

Answers to last month’s quiz below. Nobody got more than one question right, so rather than embarrass my loyal readership I am awarding myself the prize in terms of Rule 5.

1. Which published Court of Session opinion was removed from the Scotcourts website at the request of one party because its contents were said to be commercially confidential? Hat-tip to Douglas Macgregor of Brodies for this one, and also for supplying some of the background. The case is BSA International v Irvine 2009 CSOH 77, an opinion of Lord Glennie’s which discusses the duties of expert witnesses and also describes a potentially significant distinction between Scots and English law as to legal professional privilege. Douglas says Continue Reading »


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Mar 23 2009

Google Street View and the law

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As, surely, everyone reading this knows, Google Street View was launched in Scotland last Thursday. Advertised as covering Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen, it also covers large swathes of west-central and north-east Scotland. Only the blue streets have Street View Continue Reading »


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Jan 24 2009

Scots law books; some stolen and recovered, others for sale

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The Edinburgh Legal History Blog, from Professor John W. Cairns and Dr Paul du Plessis of the Edinburgh Centre for Legal History, is the latest addition to the stable of blawgs from the School of Law at Edinburgh University. Its mission statement is “to raise issues of interest to legal historians, especially those interested in the history of Scots law and of the civilian tradition“. Continue Reading »


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Sep 23 2008

Doors Open Day in Edinburgh: Saturday 27 September

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I don’t normally blog non-legal events, but this Saturday both Parliament House, and the Advocates Library (photos here) (plan in 1852 here; more or less present-day here), will be open as part of Doors Open Day between 10 and 4. Edinburgh Sheriff Court will be open between 9.30 and 4.30.

Home page for Doors Open Day here, with brochure.

Nicely set-out Google map of Edinburgh showing all attractions here; the ‘Get Directions’ feature now allows you to work out how long it will take to walk between any two or more of them.


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Sep 01 2008

The Commission on Forfeited Estates, 1716: on this day

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1 September marked the first meeting, in 1716, of the Scottish Commission on Forfeited Estates; in the words of one historian1, ‘a spectacular bureaucratic fiasco‘. This passage is from Chambers’ Domestic Annals of Scotland2:

This day met at Edinburgh a set of commissioners appointed under a late act ‘to inquire of the estates of certain traitors, and of popish recusants, and of estates given to superstitious uses, Continue Reading »

  1. Margaret Sankey, ‘Jacobite Prisoners Of The 1715 Rebellion: Preventing And Punishing Insurrection In Early Hanoverian Britain‘, Ashgate, 2005, at page 138. [back]
  2. The whole of the ‘Domestic Annals’ are published online here. [back]

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Jun 20 2008

“”; cybersquatting in Edinburgh?

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Cybersquatting, or domain squatting, is “a means of making money by registering and holding, at very low cost, a potentially useful or valuable URL. Nothing is done to develop the URL or to create value, but when a business or entrepreneur comes along who needs the domain name to run their business, the domain-squatter extorts as much money as possible in return for freeing up the URL”1. It was distressing to read that a respectable Edinburgh couple had not only been accused of such a practice but had received a ‘weighty 128-page legal document‘ from the supposed victim when, as appeared from their own account, “we’ve done nothing wrong.”

I hope no reader of mine would imagine Continue Reading »

  1. Quotation taken from this page. [back]

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