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…is an advocate practising at the Scottish bar as a member of the Murray Stable with a general civil practice.

My particular interests include:

  • administrative law including judicial review and local government
  • jurisdiction and cross-border issues
  • information and IT law issues, including data protection, freedom of information
  • property and housing law

Some of my cases going to a judgment in the last few years were:

Professional history

  • Admitted as advocate 1979
  • Silk 1992
  • Temporary Sheriff from 1988 to 1996
  • Deputy Social Security Commissioner from 1995 to 2002.

Further information from my clerk, Iain Murray.

Contact details

  • Full contact details are in the current Faculty Directory, obtainable from the Faculty of Advocates, Parliament House, Edinburgh EH1 1RF, Scotland.
  • The Murray Stable site is here.
  • My business address is the Advocates Library, Parliament House, Edinburgh EH1 1RF, Scotland.
  • E-mailed inquiries relative to work or fees should be sent to my clerk here please.
  • All other messages, including comments or suggestions on this website, or broken links, here please.

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New on this site: October 2006

  • New Direct Access rules of the Faculty of Advocates, providing for far wider direct access by non-solicitors to the services of advocates, were adopted by the Faculty with immediate effect on 28 October 2006. I haven't, I am afraid, been keeping this site up to date for some time; sometime I will do so; but this is a document which ought to be publicly accessible. Commentary should follow.

January/March 2005:

  • Advocates page is now divided into two pages; further material on regulation of the profession , noting other advocates' websites, and at other points. Links to pages on the rewritten Faculty site have been corrected.
  • Information law page includes new material on the Creative Commons project in Scotland, on making Freedom of Information requests in the Scottish legal system, and flowchart of FOI statutory provisions.
  • Searches page has now lost the ability to search the Rolls of the Court of Session: see this note for the reason. In its place there is now a search facility for the Scottish Courts Service site as a whole.
  • IT issues page has VAT recording software for advocates and some unusually unrewarding MP3s.
  • Macintosh page updated (second page to follow).
  • Dead link pruning and updating. There are over fourteen hundred outward links from this site; so there will always be some corpses.
  • Four more languages added to the BabelFish translation menu: Dutch, Greek, Russian, Korean (Non-Latin alphabets may not display on your computer).
  • Links page has fresh information as to the progress, or lack of progress, of the Statute Law Database.

— and in late 2004:

Site contents

1. Scottish Legal searches

The most recent Supreme Court decisions; the Rules of Court; but since January 2005 no longer the Rolls of Court.

2. Advocates in Scotland:- Now organised into two pages.

FAQs about advocates and the Faculty of Advocates, with downloadable background material; largely designed to substitute for some of the missing or hidden information pages on the Faculty website.

The FAQs at present are, on the first page:-

…and on the second page:

3. Parliament House, Edinburgh EH1 1RF

FAQs about Parliament House
Photo gallery
Plans of Parliament House as planned for 2012; before current redevelopment; and (with maps showing also the surrounding area) in 1852/1877.

The FAQs at present are:

4. Housing and public law in Scotland

A catch-all page dealing with housing law, judicial review, and immigration law with downloadable guides to the law: a second section on legal aid with further downloadable guides and other materials, including now the text of SLAB's proposed schedule of fees for counsel in civil legal aid cases.

5. Information law: Creative Commons, data protection, and freedom of information

Introduction, downloadable guides to the DP and FOI law, and links. For the next few months this page will concentrate on the Creative Commons Scottish project.

6. Scottish jurisdiction

Introduction to Scottish civil jurisdiction
Commercial litigation
Family law
Personal injuries
Defamation and intellectual property rights;

— also the text of the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982 as amended and as modified for the Brussels Regulation as itself amended;

7. IT issues

Free software, legal and otherwise
Data Protection for advocates;
Advice on using a Macintosh as an advocate; and
Site development in FreewayExpress and OmniGraffle.

8. Scottish legal and other links; a miscellany

Scottish law and legal system links
More law and literature on the internet
— and some suggestions for visitors
looking for a different Jonathan Mitchell.

9. Site policies

Site policies on copyright, accessibility, and privacy.

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