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Contents of this section:

  1. Free software, legal and otherwise
  2. Data Protection for advocates (now separate page)
  3. Macs at the bar (now separate page)

1. Free stuff… OmniGraffle, Freeway, Filemaker, Gmail, and mp3s

When I sketched this page out, I intended to use it as a repository for Filemaker database templates I had composed over the years for my own use. In the event, the most useful of these, the database of Court of Session decisions for the Advocates Library, ran into permission issues and could not be generally published. An edition of this database (containing decisions to 2000 only) is available on application to me; restricted to members of the Faculty of Advocates using Macintosh OS, it is available either as a standalone template or with application software to run it. Other templates needed too much work before they would be fit for general publication.

I felt however that having posted a page with this title I had to make something available beyond listings of other people's free software. More may be added, but meanwhile on this page are the following, all, except Gmail of course, under Creative Commons attribution share-alike licences:

  • Gmail accounts (now at 2.6 gigabytes). I have a number of free invites to give away: first come, first served. Email me here.
  • VAT return software, designed for advocates but capable of use by other self-employed in the UK, in three versions; Filemaker template, for use in Filemaker application, v5 or higher ; standalone runtime software for Macintosh; standalone runtime software for Windows to be added when I next get around to using Virtual PC.
  • MP3s; three tracks of pure silence. One is 15 seconds; one is one minute; one is 4 minutes 32 seconds -it couldn't be longer lest it run into John Cage's estate's ludicrous claim to copyright in 4'33" silence. In view of that claim, I emphasise that these are entirely original compositions and not quotations. Made up using Audacity, which is itself free, I use the first and second as spacers in iTunes/iPod playlists. Apple Music Store charges 79p for silent tracks, so these are a bargain.
  • Creative Commons stencil for OmniGraffle (Mac users only). To instal, unzip and place in Library>Application Support>OmniGraffle>Stencils folder. NOTE: This file is in .gstencil format for use with OmniGraffle 3.0 or later; to use as a palette for OmniGraffle 2.x, change its extension from .gstencil to .graffle.
  • Inforights page template, also in OmniGraffle (Mac users only). To be reviewed at Omni Group.
  • Template, in Freeway, of BabelFish menu for onsite translation or gisting of website: see FreewayExpress page for further details.
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