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Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson were noted on an earlier page; so was James Boswell. With David Hume, Keeper of the Advocates Library (but not an advocate), they are the best known authors to have emerged from (or rather in Sir Walter's case sunk back into) the Faculty of Advocates. Most of their better-known works are published electronically by Project Gutenberg and by John Ockerbloom. Not so for most of the obscure authors and poets in this collection of 'Scotland's Lawyer Poets' of whom perhaps the only one deserving more of a reputation is William Aytoun, author of such burlesques as 'Massacre of the Macpherson'.

On a less serious note even than Aytoun, one of the drawbacks of this site is that it has increased the number of Nigerian '419' scam letters I receive (thus the spammer's email address on the home page in the hope of introducing like minds to each other). They pall quickly; nevertheless their literary style has given pleasure to many. Should they be left unanswered? Here are the makings of an epistolary novel for those with time on their hands. Many examples are collected at Scamorama. There are other collections here and here. As an introduction to this genre, look at:

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