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Looking for a different Jonathan Mitchell?

If you've got this far, the answer is probably 'no'. However, try one of the other Jonathan Mitchells below if this site wasn't what you were looking for.

  • Jonathan Mitchell's Story Page may be the most popular website in this group: ‘I suffer from autistic or perhaps Asperger's symptomatology and I have written some short stories, which I would like to share with you on this site.’
  • Second, a Welsh composer of classical music. His site includes a number of downloadable MP3s of his recent work.
  • Another musician here, like so many of this name. ‘Groove music is Jonathan's forte, with Rock, R&B, Reggae and Funk topping his list of preferred styles’.
  • Next, a radio producer, composer, and sound artist now living in New York. Interview here, and other sites contain his work; this one (noted for my readers with an interest in personal-injury litigation) asks: ‘Now, what if the animal kingdom, in turn, learned from us? Producer Jonathan Mitchell goes inside the story of one of this year's books, ‘Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type’ , to find out what would really happen if farm animals held out for better working conditions'.
  • Still on the music line, this review describes 'an excuse for horrible singer/songwriter Jonathan Mitchell to lower audience expectations'. Impossible to dismiss a suspicion that he, and indeed many others, behaved disgracefully.
  • 'Go away now if you are under age or do not wish to view such images’, this New York photographer succinctly advises.
  • Scuba diving in Malta, in Dutch. Quote: ‘Mijn "partner in crime" is Jonathan Mitchell… voeg dit samen met een groot gevoel voor humor’.
  • Coincidentally or not, Jonathan Mitchell's doctoral research was also conducted in Malta. It is ‘oriented around three main themes: politics and national identity; history and memory; ritual and religious experience’. This takes us to…
  • … the sermon site of Swedenborgian pastor Jonathan Mitchell. Quote: ’Most things in the natural or literal meaning of the Word are goods and truths clothed. Only some of them are naked, as they are in the spiritual sense. Goods and truths that are clothed are called "appearances of truth.'
  • Giving us a rare example of a legal namesake, this page is however more about the unfortunate Barbara Battalino than her nemesis, assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Mitchell who, she says, 'will in some way, some time, pay the consequences'. Here is the US Government's side of the story, as if anyone wanted to know.
  • An even rarer example of Jonathan Mitchell as a litigant: the issue, thanks to the Texas Civil Rights Project, was barriers to the disabled in a bowling alley. I note this project is also litigating the issue of courts inaccessible to wheelchair users, see note here for the Court of Session in Edinburgh.
  • Said here to be ‘visibly disturbed’, this Jonathan Mitchell cannot be proved ever to have existed. Obviously…
  • …and I'm not too sure about this one either. He is allegedly an MI6 agent operating in Germany. It seems he was outed by, er, Lyndon LaRouche. Another one for SETI perhaps.
  • Back on earth, here is the East Africa regional director for the international charity CARE.
  • The only artist here gives prices for his work, almost as high as mine. Quote: ‘My aim is to help promote stability through the relationships formed by society around and with its art’.
  • The first Jonathan Mitchell known to practice poetry since the author of the ‘Epilogue to Cato’ died in 1808 asks: ‘Are comparisons between Korean history and the experience of an English teacher effective?' Sadly, this page does not suggest that they are. He is a Canadian.

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