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Search this site:

Note: this searches only webpages, not the pdf files.

Recent Scottish Supreme Court decisions:

Use the 'Go' button to bring up details of the most recently-published decisions of the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary. The index is automatically compiled weekly, on Friday about 4pm.

To search the entire Supreme Court database of cases, search by name or date or by keyword.

The Scottish Courts Service website

This freshly-updated site (15 May 2005)i is now much improved and has a proper search facility. The one here is provided as an alternative: note it does not search judicial opinions, the Rules of Court (use search below), or Court rolls in either the Court of Session or sheriff court.

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Rules of the Court of Session:

The Scottish Courts Service website has the Rules of the Court of Session and, as downloadable Word documents, the Sheriff Court Ordinary, summary cause, and small claim rules.

The Rules are supposed to be updated regularly but occasionally amendments are not noted for some months; recent amendments should be checked by searching the Scottish Statutory Instruments, which are kept up to date. There is no search facility on the Scottish Courts website: so to search the full text of the Rules of the Court of Session (word/part word or words; * is the wildcard) search below.

The index for this search is automatically compiled on Friday at about 6pm, so current week changes will not be shown here. Use key words, not natural language; if you are looking for 'judicial review'' type 'judicial review'; 'judicial review of immigration decisions ' won't bring up anything; nor will searching for people's names.

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The Rolls of Court :

The Rolls of Court show the names of parties and their agents for all cases in the Court of Session. They are published every day during Session and on certain days in Vacation (Christmas) and recess (summer and Easter) and show the allocation of civil and criminal business in the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh. For a fuller explanation go to the Rolls page on the SCS website. As there was no search facility on the Scottish Courts website, until February 2005 I provided a search facility here.

This search is no longer available. The reason does no credit to the Scottish Courts Service or its webmasters. There was a high demand for this information, but it seems the material on the Sheriff Courts section of the site was so defective as to generate numerous complaints. The SCS accordingly removed the ability to search for information in the Rolls at all: Minutes of Scotcourts Website Editorial Group.

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