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The site design philosophy is that it should comply with W3C accessibility guidelines and the requirements of disability discrimination legislation applicable to public information websites in Scotland, and that all parts should be fully accessible to anyone using any reasonably modern browser on any operating system on any computer. So there are no frames. There are no bossy exhortations to use Microsoft software. There is some use of Javascript, but this is needed only for the navigation and translation pop-up menus.

Pdf files, generally noted as such, require Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader .

Email links require the configuration of an email application to use internet shortcuts.

Please tell me if there are any access problems or aesthetic inadequacies. Known possible issues:

  • Using Opera (v6 only?), buttons for page links may not appear consistently: I cannot reproduce this problem.
  • You are looking at a sans-serif typeface, or (even worse?) at Times or Times Roman: the principal font throughout is Georgia, which is designed for readability on webpages; if you don't have it, it is available free from SimplyTheBest fonts.
  • You are using a PDA. Sorry about that; you represent about 0.2% of the readership and better access would require complete rewriting of the site design.

Privacy protection

This site fully meets all European standards of personal data protection and privacy as in force from 11 December 2003. It neither asks for nor collects any information on its visitors. It does not collect email addresses. All email links on the site are obvious. It does record the IP addresses of visiting computers for the collection of statistics on traffic visiting and returning to the site. This information is not disclosed to third parties. There are no cookies other than for statistics collection and these can be disabled with no loss of functionality.


UK governmental material on or downloadable from this site, including legal aid material and case reports, is Crown copyright and is reproduced under licence; practically all such material may be freely reproduced under standard HMSO conditions. Faculty of Advocates materials are copyright of the Faculty of Advocates. There is no copyright in those works of Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott reproduced, or in the 1852 and 1877 maps.

All other material on or downloadable from this site is, unless otherwise stated, copyright of the author or the named contributor or source. Material which is copyright of the author, or of any of the named advocates who are individual contributors, may be reproduced without further permission, if and only if authorship and source are acknowledged, under the Creative Commons License. If in doubt, ask. Linking, including deep linking, is welcomed; no need to ask.

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